Study Method #1

A simple study method, and one I recommend if you’re just starting out, is to follow along in a study Bible (absolutely simplest method) or use a single volume commentary as you go through the chapter you are studying. Sometimes a commentary can be overwhelming though.

Study Method #2

The Bible Study I present above is very basic and is based upon reading what someone else has written about the passage of scripture. That’s a great starting point for getting into the Word. A bit more challenging method is presented in this note. You can use this for just a single chapter, a book or as you read through the Bible. If you plan to do the entire Bible this plan will take a little over 3 years doing 1 chapter per day to finish each chapter in the Bible. Of course if you just want to do the New Testament then it will take about 30 weeks, same as the basic plan above.

A Simple Bible Study Guide – by Rachel Wojo

4 questions you can use for any chapter of the Bible.

    1. Which verse in this passage stood out as I read through the chapter?
    2. How can I summarize this chapter in 3 or 4 sentences?
    3. What does the verse I chose in question 1 mean to me?
    4. How can I apply this verse or chapter today?

You can find out more information from the author of this guide at

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