This website was created with the intent to help you establish a routine, or schedule, for spending time in God’s Word, the Holy Bible. If you’re like me it is necessary to have something established or else the amount of time spent with the Lord quickly takes second place. 

In today’s busy world it’s so easy for us to crowd out time spent with our Lord. When we do try to establish a routine it can become overwhelming with so many different devotionals, studies, books and versions of the Bible. If you’ve checked I’m sure you’ve found literally hundreds or thousands of apps, websites and books on the Bible, and clearly there are dozens of Bible versions out there. My intent is not to overwhelm you with reading and study but to give you some guidance. Some will find the amount I present for each day is indeed overwhelming, while others may be seeking more. I find it just about right for me, but being retired, I have the time for this and even more. I encourage you to do what you can to start and as you progress build toward all that I present. Who knows, you might go way beyond. Time in God’s Word is so worth it.

This website provides you with an outline for prayer, reading and study. It mostly reflects what I’m doing at the time so you can expect changes as time goes by. I encourage you to see what’s here and see how it fits into your schedule. I pray that this will help you establish a routine before the Lord.

You will also find recommendations for tools I use to help me with my time in His Word. Some you may find useful and some may not be for you. I trust these Bible tools will be beneficial to you. If you have comments or suggestions please leave me a note on my contact page, or leave a comment about a specific post.

May God richly bless you as you draw closer to Him through time in prayer and study of His Word.


As mentioned above there are many Bible’s and study helps from which to choose. I will list some in the sidebar but for the most part I use the same from day to day.

Rather than force you to use a specific version of the Bible I let you choose the version that works best for you. For study I recommend the NASB, ESV or NKJV. These are considered more formal (verse by verse),  in their translation. For reading you might choose a less formal, easier to read, version such as the CSB, NLT, or NIV. I mainly use the NKJV version for all of my reading and study. While there are many more I would encourage you to probably stay with these six choices. You will find which works best for you as you progress with your time in the Word I’m certain.

Bible Gateway is used for Bible reference links. Normally only scripture reading and study Bible references are linked to Bible Gateway not quoted scripture verses. Once you are at the Bible Gateway website you can select your Bible version to use and normally it will remember your choice using website cookies on their site.

Other reference tools are listed In the sidebar that I use for my personal studies. You may find them useful as well. Most  are free and some you need to pay a little bit for to derive the most benefit. That is your choice. I receive no income or kickback of any kind should you choose to subscribe, nor will I normally recommend one over another.


The devotionals that are in the daily list are the current devotionals that I follow. In fact I have used some for quite a while. These may change as I am led but probably not during the course of a year. In the sidebar you will notice other devotionals as well. Most I’ve used in the past and feel they have enriching value for all who want to grow in Christ. I may add others in the future as well.

Bible Reading / Studies

The Bible reading presented to you for the morning may be different than what you are used to doing. I take you through about one chapter per day from each of these three areas; Proverbs/Psalms, 4 Gospels and Acts. When done with each area I will start that series again. This will take you 2 times through Proverbs/Psalms, 4 times through the Gospels and 10 times through Acts. Twice during the year I will take you through Revelations in the time normally allowed for Acts. The evening reading is straight through the Bible and you will complete that in one year. 

The Bible study is generally one chapter in the New Testament daily. This is a self directed study. I encourage you to use a study Bible or single volume commentary and follow along as you read. This generally will only take 5-15 minutes, but will depend on you and the length of the passage of scripture. I started with Romans 1 and will go through to Revelation and then move to the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and then Acts before starting again. It is also  possible I could take us into the Old Testament later on. This study will take approximately 30 weeks for the entire New Testament.

I’ve included a short list of alternate Bible methods or studies to replace or supplement the one suggested here. You’ll find a link to these alternates in the Bible Study section as well as in the sidebar.

Who is the Host?

Well that would be me, Nick Jones. You need to know that I am not a pastor, preacher, teacher or counselor. I am a child of God. I serve Him and my prayer and hope is that you do as well. 

I am a sinner, forgiven by God. My life has been long and blessed. I can’t say I have faithfully served the Lord my entire life. Even though I was raised in a Christian home, a parsonage actually, I chose often through my life to do my own thing, separated from God. I’m not proud of that, but I am thankful. Thankful, not for my sinful life, but that Christ, God’s Son, loved me, and you also, enough to be the sacrifice for those sins. Just think about it; God sent His Son as a sacrifice for all of us. How many have you known who have done that?

I’ve advanced far enough in my life to truthfully say I am an old man, mid-70’s. Praise God He isn’t finished with me yet. He placed creating this website on my heart to provide my family, especially, and anyone else who wishes, tools to help them grow their Christian life. I am more aware daily how much He desires for me to spend more time in His Word, and more time in prayer. How I need to heed the words of His Holy Bible and apply them to my life and I encourage you to apply them fully to your life as well. As each day passes it becomes more apparent that Christ is the only answer to the ills of this world. As a Christ Follower we need to enrich our lives with His Word and be in prayer continually. Tough challenge perhaps but worth it in the end. So Nick is just a sinner, saved by grace, who is praying that you will use the tools here as a beginning (continuing) point in strengthening your walk with God with the wonderful promise of an eternity with Him (God) at the end of this journey. There is no better hope.

I prayerfully lift you to our God. — Nick

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